(A)   Every landlord or property owner shall install an approved smoke detector in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions on the ceiling or within six inches of the ceiling in each of the following locations in a rental unit:
      (1)   In each bedroom or sleeping area;
      (2)   In the immediate vicinity of the main heating unit and the water heater. If either or both of these are located in the basement, the smoke detector shall be installed in the stairwell leading to the basement;
      (3)   In each common hallway between dwelling units in any structure containing more than one dwelling unit;
      (4)   As otherwise required by any applicable state or local building code in effect or at the direction of the Director of Public Safety in the city.
   (B)   When activated, a smoke detector shall provide an alarm capable of warning an occupant within an individual room, unit or apartment of the rental unit. In multi-dwelling units, one smoke detector shall be required per dwelling unit.
(Ord. passed 5-10-94)  Penalty, see § 93.99