Water System Use
   52.01   Permit required for connection to water system; connections to service pipe
   52.02   Connection with water system mandatory
   52.03   Wells
   52.04   Application for permit
   52.05   Tapping fees
   52.06   Supplying water to others; waste of water
   52.07   Service pipes to be installed under city supervision
   52.08   Disruption of service
   52.09   Use on one connection
   52.10   Water and sewer services to privately held developments
   52.11   Lawn sprinkling regulations
   52.12   Fire prevention regulations
   52.13   Damage to meters
Water Cross Connection
   52.25   State rules adopted by reference
   52.26   Inspections
   52.27   Right of entry
   52.28   Discontinuance of service for violation
   52.29   Potable water supply
   52.30   Regulations supplement to state code
Administration and Enforcement
   52.40   Adoption of regulations by Council; emergency regulations
   52.41   Discontinuance of service for violation
   52.42   Access to premises
   52.99   Penalty