(A)   The office of Director of the Department of Public Safety is hereby created. The operation, administration and control of the Department of Public Safety, and all matters pertaining thereto, shall be under the control and direction of the Director of Public Safety, who shall be appointed by, serve at the pleasure of, and be immediately responsible to the City Manager.
(`73 Code, 12.192, § 1.92)
   (B)   The Director of Public Safety shall be the operating head and commanding officer of the Department of Public Safety. The Director shall have control of the Department, under the supervision and direction of the City Manager and shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by the Charter, any ordinances of the city, laws of the State of Michigan, and such further and other duties as shall be prescribed by the City Manager.
   (C)   The Director of Public Safety shall have the power to issue such verbal or written orders, rules and regulations to police officers, fire fighters volunteers and public safety officers and employees of the Department of Public Safety as he or she may deem proper, and it shall be the duty of the police officers, firefighters, public safety officers, and employees of said Department to fully and completely obey the Director's orders, rules and regulations, but such orders, rules and regulations shall be in conformity of law.
   (D)   The Director of Public Safety shall promulgate, subject to the approval of the City Manager, employment standards for police officers, firefighters and public safety officers. Said employment standards shall at a minimum comply with those established by the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers' Training Council in accordance with Public Act 203 of 1965, being M.C.L.A. §§ 28.601 - 28.616, as amended.
   (E)   The Director of Public Safety, or police officers, public safety officers or firefighters designated by the Director, shall be in command and control of any fire scene and shall have the authority to issue such verbal orders to any person at the scene as may be reasonably necessary to protect life and property and to conduct fire suppression activities.
(`73 Code, 12.193, § 1.93) (Ord. passed 10-1-84)