A.   Notice To Abate: The Village building inspector shall, after inspection and investigating under the provisions of section 4-1-2 of this chapter, cause a notice in writing to be served upon the person, corporation or entity found to be responsible for the existence of the nuisance. The notice shall require the person, entity, or corporation responsible to abate the nuisance within ten (10) days from the receipt of the notice. If personal service of the notice cannot be made, then such notice shall be left at the residence or usual place of business of the person found to be responsible. The notice shall indicate the date of the inspection and investigation, and the hours and location where the inspection was made. The notice shall set forth what the nuisance consists of and indicate the abatement or remedy required.
   B.   Failure To Abate; Abatement By Village; Costs: After the expiration of ten (10) days from the time the notice is served, if the nuisance is not abated or other remedy made as required, it may be done under the direction of the Village building inspector, and all costs of so doing to remedy the abatement shall be collected from the person, corporation or entity who is responsible for the nuisance with a penalty of ten percent (10%) of such costs.
   C.   Emergency Abatement: If a nuisance constitutes an emergency, the time for abatement may be reduced by the Village in the notices which specify that the emergency exists.
   D.   Responsibility Of Owner, Agent Or Occupant: When any nuisance, or anything likely to become a nuisance, may be found upon any premises, and the person, corporation or entity causing such nuisance is unknown or cannot be found, the owner, agent or occupant of the premises shall be notified by the Village to abate the same. If such owner, agent or occupant whose duty it is hereby made to abate such nuisance shall not promptly comply with such notice, he shall be subject to the penalty provided in this chapter.
   E.   Special Lien Authorization: The costs and expenses incurred by the Village to abate any public nuisance may be made a lien on the property on which any such public nuisance is located pursuant to, and to the fullest extent provided by, Illinois law. (2019 Code)