§ 35.057 TIME RECORDS.
   Employees shall keep accurate time records. Each employee, except employees who are exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act, shall daily record his or her time worked and absences on timesheet forms approved by the Administrator. Timesheets shall be signed by the employee upon completion of each pay period's entries and reviewed and signed by the department head (or in the absence of a department head, by a person designated by the department head). A department head's timesheets shall be signed by the department head and reviewed and signed by the Administrator. In no event shall any hourly employee be paid for time not recorded on a timesheet and approved by his or her department head or the Administrator. No department head or other supervisor shall permit or encourage any employee to work but not record his or her time. Timesheets are important legal documents and are the source documents for the village payroll system. Their accuracy is an absolute must.
(Ord. 92-11, passed 4-28-92)