The plans must comply with all standards and requirements of applicable village codes including Land Subdivision Regulations, Zoning Ordinance, Arterial Roadway Network Plan and any building, housing and fire codes.  The following exceptions shall be observed:
   (A)   Yard requirements:
      (1)   For all residential developments:
         Front Yard:      30'
         Side Yard:      20' each
         Rear Yard:      20'
      (2)   For all commercial and industrial districts:
         Front Yard:      20'
         Side Yard:      15' each
         Rear Yard:      15'
      (3)   Yard area shall be open area and not be used for parking.
      (4)   When a commercial or industrial development abuts or adjoins a residential district on a side or rear yard, an additional ten feet shall be required for each yard that abuts or adjoins a residential district.  The proposed commercial or industrial development shall be screened on each side abutting or adjoining a residential district by a wall, opaque fence or densely planted compact hedge not less than five feet in height.
      (5)   For all developments the front yard shall be that area fronting a public street and which contains the main entrance to the main building or development.  Only one front yard shall be required for each development.
   (B)   Pavement width.  Streets and drives within the development shall be of sufficient width to accommodate unimpeded movement of fire vehicles.  Pavement width shall vary depending upon parking along the street and direction of vehicle movement.
   (C)   Sidewalks.  Sidewalks shall provide pedestrian movement within the development and to existing public streets or sidewalks. Sidewalks shall also be constructed along streets adjoining the development.  Sidewalks shall be a minimum of 4' wide, 4" thick and be constructed of Portland cement concrete, and shall meet the current provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
(Ord. 94-01, passed 1-25-94; Am. Ord. 16-35, passed 6-28-16)