§ 155.111  LOCATION MAP.
   (A)   Location map submission requirements.  The location map shall consist of data added to an existing base map of a suitable scale covering an area of at least one mile radius from the tract proposed for development. The location map shall show the following information:
      (1)   Title of proposed subdivision.
      (2)   North point, scale and date.
      (3)   Names, addresses and phone numbers of the owner, subdivider, engineer and registered land surveyor with the name and address of the contact person to whom any notice is to be sent.
      (4)   Outline of the entire area owned or controlled by the subdivider with approximate boundary dimensions and total acreage.
      (5)   Existing streets and roads expected to serve the area to be subdivided.
      (6)   Existing utility lines expected to serve the area to be subdivided.
      (7)   Existing and proposed zoning.
      (8)   Method of sewage disposal.
      (9)   Method of water supply.
      (10)  Electric service provider.
      (11)  Fire protection district.
      (12)  School district.
   (B)   Location map review process.
      (1)   The subdivider shall submit 12 hard copy prints and one electronic copy of the location map to the Zoning Administrator.  Subdivision documents must be submitted seven calendar days prior to a regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting to be considered by the Commission at that meeting.
      (2)   The Zoning Administrator shall retain one print and distribute the remainder as follows:
         (a)   Two prints to the Planning Commission;
         (b)   One print to the Water Department and Electric Department;
         (c)   One print to the village's consulting engineer;
         (d)   One print to the Village Clerk;
         (e)   One print to the Chatham Fire Protection District;
         (f)   One print to the Springfield Metro Sanitary District;
         (g)   One print to the Sangamon County Engineer, if applicable;
         (h)   One print to the appropriate Township Highway Commissioner, if applicable;
         (i)   One print to the Sangamon County Soil and Water Conservation District; and
         (j)   One print to the appropriate school district.
      (3)   The entities listed in division (B)(2) shall transmit their comments on suitability of the site in writing to the Planning Commission within one week of receipt.
      (4)   The Planning Commission shall review the suitability of the site based on comments received and the suitability criteria outlined in § 155.022.  The Planning Commission shall either approve or disapprove the location map based on the suitability of the site at its next regularly scheduled meeting after the plan was filed.  If the location map is disapproved, the owners shall be informed in writing of the noncompliance found.  The Commission's decision may be appealed to the Village Board as described in § 155.161.
(Ord. 94-01, passed 1-25-94; Am. Ord. 10-01, passed 1-12-10; Am. Ord. 16-35, passed 6-28-16)