Not later than the second regularly scheduled meeting after its receipt of the prints of the preliminary plan recommending approval or disapproval by the Planning Commission and of the minutes of the Planning Commission meetings considering the preliminary plan, the Village Board shall consider approval or disapproval of the preliminary plan.  At such meeting, the subdivider may appear and be heard by the Village Board if it so desires.  The Village Board shall by resolution approve or disapprove the preliminary plat and shall appropriately endorse the prints of the preliminary plan, and if the preliminary plan is approved, the original of the preliminary plan, as follows:
      [Dis)approved by resolution of the President and Board of Trustees of the Village of Chatham this ____ day of ______________ 20__
                        Village President
            Village Clerk
(Ord. 94-01, passed 1-25-94; Am. Ord. 05-05, passed 2-22-05; Am. Ord. 16-35, passed 6-28-16)