The Commission shall have, exercise and perform the following powers, duties and functions.
   (A)   Create subcommittees including four subcommittees entitled Long and Short Term Planning, Policy and Procedures, Fundraising and Organizing Volunteers. The Commission may create any other ad-hoc committees as it deems necessary.
   (B)   Promote, encourage and guide the development of village recreation programs and services.
   (C)   Solicit and obtain funds, services and real and personal property for purposes related to the goals and purpose of the Commission from individuals, organizations, municipal corporations and any other source permitted by law. All funds and real and personal property solicited or received by the Commission shall be received in the name of the village. Funds received by the Commission shall be delivered to the Village Treasurer and accounted for by the Treasurer in accordance with normal village practices.
   (D)   Coordinate with the Parks Supervisor volunteer activities and coordinate volunteer days to help maintain and improve park properties.
   (E)   Review the annual Chatham summer recreation program and provide comments. The Commission may also be asked to assist in the activities or help provide volunteers for the Chatham summer recreation program.
   (F)   Provide policy guidance and program recommendations to the Village Board.
   (G)   Prepare minutes of its meetings and prepare an annual report to the Village Board not later than April 1 of each year.
   (H)   Adopt by-laws governing the organization and the exercise of the powers herein given to it and the performance of the duties and functions imposed on it by this subchapter; provided, that such by-laws shall not be in conflict with any of the provisions of this subchapter and shall be subject to approval by the Village Board prior to adoption by the Commission.
(Ord. 11-41, passed 9-27-11)