(A)   The position of Director of Public Works is hereby created. The Director of Public Works shall be an employee of the village and not an officer, and shall be subject to the Village Personnel Code. Under the direct supervision of the Village President, subject to the policy determinations of the Village Board and after consultation with the Public Works Committee, the Director of Public Works shall be responsible for all activities associated with Public Works Department. The Director of Public Works shall work as required with the Village President to ensure completion of necessary tasks while maintaining communication with the Board of Trustees.
   (B)   The duties and responsibilities herein shall include, but are not limited to the following:
      (1)   Plan, organize, direct and evaluate the village public works functions; oversee engineering, street maintenance, public properties, buildings, storm water, traffic and equipment.
      (2)   Direct the development of capital improvement plans and the subsequent construction of public works projects; review plans for private developments; assist inspection of the construction of public facilities by private developers.
      (3)   Direct, coordinate and encourage the development of strategies to resolve village issues related to public works.
      (4)   Supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff; interview select employees and advise on promotions, reassignment, termination and disciplinary actions of public works employees, all as subject to any applicable collective bargaining agreements.
      (5)   Work with the Chief Fiscal Officer regarding the planning, preparation and control of department budgets, including operating and capital improvement budgets.
      (6)   Direct bidding, purchasing and budget procedures for the department; monitor, control and authorize expenditures in accordance with established limitations.
      (7)   Prepare and update short and long range strategic plans to assure the department’s contribution to the village’s overall plan; participate in the development of regional plans.
      (8)   Manage the coordination of department activities with other departments and agencies.
      (9)   Serve as a member of the management team, participating in the village’s strategic planning efforts and addressing village-wide policy and management issues.
      (10)   Present departmental issues and recommendations requiring policy direction to the Village Board.
      (11)   Communicate and coordinate efforts with a variety of individuals and organizations, including employees, village board, other municipalities, cities, citizens, contractors, committees and public and private sector agencies.
      (12)   Make available public works services to the public and others.
      (13)   Take an active part in planning and scheduling street and traffic construction and maintenance projects to meet the village’s transportation needs.
      (14)   Participate in the review and approval of municipal engineering and public works plans, drawings and plats submitted by the Village Engineer, developers and other engineers or technicians.
      (15)   Direct the inspection and review of construction projects; assure compliance with federal, state and local laws, codes and ordinances.
      (16)   Direct procedures for the replacement of village vehicles and equipment as needed.
      (17)   Communicate with, respond to and resolve complaints, conflicts, concerns and questions from citizens, contractors, customers, developers and public and private agencies regarding department services, activities and programs.
      (18)   Prepare reports for Village Board and others as needed.
      (19)   Act as Zoning Administrator and Building Code Administrator.
      (20)   Attend Village Board meetings and Public Works Committee meetings.
      (21)   All other duties as assigned by the Village President.
(Ord. 01-44, passed 7-10-01)