(A)   There is hereby created the office of the Chief Fiscal Officer.  Commencing May 1, 2001, the term of office of the Chief Fiscal Officer shall be four years, or until a successor is appointed and has qualified. The Chief Fiscal Officer shall be appointed by the Village President with the consent of the Village Board. The Chief Fiscal Officer shall exercise general supervision over all day-to-day financial operations of the village, and if the Chief Fiscal Officer is not the same person as the Treasurer, the Chief Fiscal Officer shall assist the Treasurer in all of the Treasurer’s duties. The Chief Fiscal Officer’s specific duties include be are not limited to the following specific following duties:
      (1)   Weekly:  Review budget status reports and give to Accounting Technician to distribute to Department Heads.
      (2)   Bi-weekly: 
         (a)   Review time cards and payroll checks generated by staff, sign payroll checks.
         (b)   Prepare necessary transfers for bi-weekly payroll.
      (3)   Semi-monthly:  Prepare listing of warrants to be paid for Board approval.
      (4)   Monthly: 
         (a)   Supervise and assist in the completion of bank reconciliations.
         (b)   Prepare utility tax returns, sanitary usage reports and IMRF reports.
         (c)   Review and track investment activity.
         (d)   Prepare various month-end adjustments.
         (e)   Transfer funds in accordance with bond ordinances.
      (5)   Quarterly:
         (a)   Prepare payroll tax returns.
         (b)   Prepare reports required in accordance with Federal COPS Grant.
         (c)   Prepare quarterly reports for Police Pension Fund.
      (6)   Annual:
         (a)   Assist the preparation of the budget. Coordinate budget requests of various Department Heads to arrive at Department level budget.
         (b)   Prepare the annual estimate of revenues as required by 35 ILCS  200/18-50 of the Property Tax Code.
         (c)   Assist in preparation of appropriation and tax levy ordinances.
         (d)   Assist office personnel in preparation of W-2's, reconcile W-2's to payroll returns and complete W-3.
         (e)   Prepare 1099's.
         (f)   Review fiscal year end account balances and make appropriate adjustments.
         (g)   Prepare various audit schedules and assist auditors as needed.
         (h)   Assist in the preparation of the annual appropriation transfer ordinance.
      (7)   Other:
         (a)   Maintain fixed asset records.
         (b)   Prepare schedules and reports as requested by the corporate authorities and department heads.
         (c)   Review supporting documentation for all checks to be disbursed from village accounts.
         (d)   Review all checks prior to signature by the Village President and Treasurer, and maintain check register.
   (B)   The salary of the Chief Fiscal Office shall be $14,500 per annum through September 30, 2001 and $29,000 per annum thereafter. If the Chief Fiscal Officer is the same person as the Treasurer, the salary of the Chief Fiscal Officer shall be paid in addition to the Treasurer’s salary.
(Ord. 01-28, passed 5-8-01; Am. Ord. 01-44, passed 7-10-01)