(A)   Lodging.  Each employee or officer shall be reimburse for the actual cost of lodging incurred in the conduct of official village business up to $50 per night, not including tax.  However, an employee or officer shall be reimbursed for actual lodging costs higher than $50 per night above when the following occur:
      (1)   The employee or officer is staying in the least expensive available room in a hotel or motel in which the conference or meeting he or she is attending is being held;
      (2)   The employee or officer has received the prior written approval of the Board of Trustees;
      (3)   The employee or officer confirms at check-in time that the room is the least expensive available; and
      (4)   The employee or officer certifies to the above on his or her expense report.
   (B)   Meal/per diem. 
      (1)   Each employee shall be reimbursed for his or her meal/per diem expenses incurred in the conduct of official village business in accordance with the following rate schedules:
      Meal Allowance:  Breakfast, $ 8; dinner, $15.
      (2)   Meal reimbursement shall be determined in accordance with the following rules:
         (a)   An employee must leave the village before 6:00 a.m. to be eligible for breakfast reimbursement.
         (b)   An employee must return to the village after 7:00 p.m. to be eligible for dinner reimbursement.
      (3)   (a)   Per diem allowance shall be paid for travel which includes over night lodging or is 18 or more continuous hours.  It is given instead of the meal allowance and is to cover the cost of meals and meal tips.  Thirty dollars per diem or 50% of the basic room rate of the hotel in which you are occupying.  Per diem allowance shall be determined in accordance with the following rules:
            1.   Per diem shall be based on the half system for computing the allowance for days or fractions thereof.  Each half shall be 12 hours commencing at midnight and noon.  The traveler shall be allowed one-half of the allowance for each period of six hours or fraction thereof.
            2.   Meal allowance and per diem may not be mixed on the same trip or day.
         (b)   Receipts need not be submitted to support the meal/per diem allowances.  There shall be no advance payment for meal/per diem allowances.
   (C)   Transportation.
      (1)   Auto.  Each employee or officer using a personal vehicle in the conduct of official village business shall be reimbursed at a rate of the then current deductible rate under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.
      (2)   Other.  Each employee or officer traveling on official village business and utilizing modes of transportation other than his or her personal automobile shall be reimbursed for the actual cost thereof, provided that he or she utilizes the least expensive fare for the mode of transportation chosen, and with the exception of taxi cabs, receives the prior written approval of the Village Board.
   (D)   Reimbursement and documentation.  Upon completion of travel, the employee or officer shall submit the appropriate travel papers, including a complete copy of the description brochure of any conference or training session to the Village Administrator, along with receipts for expenses, except for per diem and meal allowances, within 30 days in order to be eligible for reimbursement.
   (E)   Purchase.  Where possible, travel services shall be contracted for using village purchase orders.  If so, which trades should be regulated.
(Ord. 90-11, passed 5-8-90; Am. Ord. 06-58, passed 10-10-06)