(A)   The fee for subdivision construction plan review and inspections is based on the final estimated cost of all of the required public improvements. The fee will be assessed at 2.5% of the estimated cost of the public improvements.
   (B)   The above noted fee covers the first submittal and one review submittal of the construction plans. An additional review fee of 0.05% of the engineer's cost estimate will be applied for each additional submittal. The additional review fee may be waived by the City Engineer for minor revisions. The 2.5% fee and any required additional review fees will be collected prior to the final plat being recorded. All other fees for construction permits are as set forth in the Village Code.
   (C)   For the purposes of this section, the estimated cost of construction shall be prepared and sealed by the developer's Illinois Registered Professional Engineer for the subdivision, and the estimate shall be subject to the approval of the City Engineer. If the parties cannot agree on the estimate, the Village Manager may approve utilization of the actual bids for the cost estimates.
   (D)   The fees set forth herein shall also apply to the review of planned unit developments.
(Ord. 16-14, passed 3-22-16)