(A)   Discontinuance of water service.  The Water Department Foreman shall deny or discontinue, after reasonable notice to the occupants thereof, the water service, or shall ensure the auxiliary water system is disabed to any premises wherein any backflow prevention device required by these regulations is not installed, tested, maintained and repaired in a manner acceptable to the Water Department Foreman or if it is found that the backflow prevention device has been removed or bypassed or if an unprotected cross-connection exists on. the premises or if a low pressure cut-off required by these regulations is not installed and maintained in working order.
   (B)   Correction of prohibited conditions.  Water service to such premises shall not be restored until the consumer has corrected or eliminated such conditions or defects in conformance with these regulations and to the satisfaction of the Water Department Foreman and the required reconnection fee is paid.
(Am. Ord. 19-01, passed 1-22-19)