(A)   (1)   It shall be the duty of the consumer at any premises on which backflow prevention devices required by these regulations are installed to have inspection, tests, maintenance and repair made in accordance with the following schedule or more often where inspections indicate a need or are specified in manufacturer's instructions. Beginning on February 1, 2019, the Village of Chatham will provide or contract for services to coordinate, facilitate and organize testing records for all cross-connection assemblies that are connected to the Village of Chatham's water distribution system. The Village of Chatham or its vendor will make the back-flow testing data available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to Village of Chatham personnel, who in turn can produce and submit required back-flow testing reports to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency thereby closely following the established requirements outlined in the IEPA's Illinois Cross-Connection Control Program. The annual fee to the Village of Chatham for data collection and mailing service will be a $495. There will also be will a charge $12.95 for each back-flow test submittal by any accredited CCCDI tester licensed in the State of Illinois. It is also required that any CCCDI licensed tester be registered with the Village of Chatham at no additional charge for registration. Any homeowner or business owner can access a list of certified CCCDI testers through the Environmental Resources Training Center (ERTC) website at http://www.siue.edu/ertc/ or Village of Chatham's website at www.chathamil.net.
      (2)   Each backflow testing company performing backflow testing within the village shall set up an account in the online system, supplying and maintaining required information pertaining to the testing company, testers, test kits and licenses. Each testing company shall adhere to all procedural policies and agree to all terms specified in the online system.
      (3)   For each backflow test report submitted by the backflow testing company via the online system, the testing company will be required to pay a filing fee due at the time of submittal. All backflow test reports must be submitted electronically via the online system. The filing fee shall be paid directly to the firm acting as the village's authorized online system provider. The tester may elect to absorb the filing fee for competitive marketing purposes or pass it along to the device owner when invoicing for the test.
      (4)   All test/maintenance reports must include the following information:
         (a)   Administrative information.
            1.   Water customer or facility name;
            2.   Contact name and telephone number;
            3.   Complete service address (physical address);
            4.   Complete mailing address;
            5.   Physical location of backflow prevention assembly/device within facility or on the property (room number, room name, landmarks);
            6.   Type of assembly/device (RP, RPDA, DCVA, DCDA, etc.);
            7.   Assembly make, model, size and serial number;
            8.   CCCDI printed name, signature, and CCCDI license number; and
            9.   Date and time of test.
         (b)   Test information.
            1.   Whether the valve passed or failed the test;
            2.   Gauge readings for each component tested (check valves, relief valve opening point.air inlet opening point, etc.); and
            3.   Repair Information (any new parts used, components cleaned and replaced, etc.).
         (c)   Other information.
            1.   Notations of any unsafe conditions or safety issues; and
            2.   Notations of any installation abnormalities or deficiencies.
      (5)   Fixed proper air gap separations shall be inspected to document that a proper vertical distance is maintained between the discharge point of the service line and the flood level rim of the receptacle at the time of installation and at least annually thereafter.
      (6)   Double check valve assemblies shall be inspected and tested at time of installation and at least annually thereafter and required service performed within 15 days.
      (7)   Reduced pressure principle backflow prevention devices shall be tested at the time of installation and at least annually or more frequently if recommended by the manufacturer and required service performed within five days.
   (B)   Testing shall be performed by a person who has been approved by the Agency as competent to service the device.  Proof of approval shall be in writing.
   (C)   Each device shall have a tag attached listing the date of most recent test or visual inspection, name of tester and type and date of repairs.
   (D)   A maintenance log shall be maintained and include:
      (1)   Date of each test or visual inspection;
      (2)   Name and approval number of person performing the test or visual inspection;
      (3)   Test results;
      (4)   Repairs or servicing required;
      (5)   Repairs and date completed; and
      (6)   Servicing performed and date completed.
   (E)   Whenever backflow prevention devices required by these regulations are found to be defective, they shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of the consumer without delay.
   (F)   Backflow prevention devices shall not be bypassed, made inoperative, removed or otherwise made ineffective without specific authorization by the Superintendent of Water.
(Am. Ord. 19-01, passed 1-22-19)