(A)   Time frame. In the event a determination has been made that a tax is due and owing, through audit, assessment or other bill sent, the tax must be paid within the time frame otherwise indicated.
   (B)   Interest. The village hereby provides for the amount of interest to be assessed on a late payment, underpayment, or non-payment of the tax to be 9% per annum based on a year of 365 days and the number of days elapsed.
   (C)   Late filing and payment penalties. If a tax return is not filed within the time and manner provided by the controlling tax ordinance, a late filing penalty, of 5% of the amount of tax required to be shown as due on a return shall be imposed; and a late payment penalty of 5% of the tax due shall be imposed. If no return is filed within the time or manner provided by the controlling tax ordinance and prior to the village issuing a notice of tax delinquency or notice of tax liability, then a failure to file penalty shall be assessed equal to 25% of the total tax due for the applicable reporting period for which the return was required to be filed. A late filing or payment penalty shall not apply if a failure to file penalty is imposed by the controlling ordinance.
(Ord. 01-04, passed 1-23-01)