No person who has been authorized by and under the ordinances of the village to lay, construct, install, or relay, reconstruct, or reinstall any sewer, other than a building sewer, either within or without the village, which sewer will or is designed to connect with any public sewer, including a public sewer of the Springfield Sanitary District, within the jurisdiction of the village, shall make any connection with or to such an existing public sewer until a sewer connection permit first shall have been issued by the village authorizing such connection. No such sewer connection permit shall be issued by the village until such person first shall have made application to the corporate authorities of the village for such connection and have such newly constructed, laid, or installed sewer televised by an approved sewer television inspection service and such televised inspection observed and approved by the Superintendent of Public Works of the village or his designee to determine whether such newly constructed, laid, or installed sewer meets the provisions of this chapter relating to specifications and requirements for public sewers.
(Ord. 81-4, passed 2-24-81; Am. Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)