(A)   The owner of any property serviced by a building sewer carrying industrial wastes shall provide laboratory measurements, tests, and analyses of waters and wastes to illustrate compliance with this chapter and any special conditions for discharge established by the village, the Springfield Sanitary District, or regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the discharge.
   (B)   The number, type, and frequency of laboratory analyses to be performed by the owner shall be as stipulated by the village, but no less than once per year the owner must supply a complete analysis of the constituents of the wastewater discharge to assure that compliance with the federal, state, and local standards are being met. The owner shall report the results of measurements and laboratory analyses to the village at such time and in such manner as prescribed by the village. The owner shall bear the expense of all measurements, analyses, and reporting required by the village. At such times as deemed necessary, the village reserves the right to take measurements and samples for analysis by an outside laboratory service.
(Ord. 79-11, passed 4-10-79; Am. Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)