(A)   The issuance of any permit, notice or grant of authorization, or conduct of any inspection by the Springfield Sanitary District shall be deemed permit, notice or authorization, for such purposes as stated therein, or adequate inspection when the requirements, regulations, or ordinances therefor of the Sanitary District are as restrictive, or more restrictive than the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Any notice or application required by the Sanitary District for connection, inspection, service, for any other purpose shall be provided to the village within such time as may be required by the Sanitary District. The provisions of such notice or application to the village within the time specified hereinbefore shall be deemed sufficient notice or application for such purposes as may be required by this chapter.
   (C)   Compliance with any testing or inspection requirements imposed by the Sanitary District pursuant to ordinance or regulation shall be deemed compliance with testing or inspection requirements imposed herein provided that such tests or inspections are conducted at least as frequently as required by this chapter.
(Ord. 79-11, passed 4-10-79; Am. Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)