The Superintendent of Water of the village is authorized and directed to discontinue, after reasonable notice to the occupant thereof, the water service to any property wherein any connection in violation of the provisions of this subchapter is known to exist and to take other precautionary measures as he or she may deem necessary to eliminate any danger of contamination of the public water supply distribution mains. Water service to such property shall not be restored until such conditions have been eliminated or corrected in compliance with the provisions of this subchapter, and until a reconnection fee is paid to the village. The Superintendent of Water may disconnect a customer on oral notice if there is in the Superintendent's opinion an imminent danger of harmful contamination of the public water supply system. Such action shall be followed by written notification of the cause of disconnection. There may be immediate disconnection without notice to any party to prevent actual or anticipated contamination or pollution of the public water supply; provided that, in the reasonable opinion of the Superintendent of Water or the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, such action is required to prevent actual or potential contamination or pollution of the public water supply. Neither the public water supply, the Superintendent of Water or its agents or assigns shall be liable to any customer for any injury, damages or lost revenues which may result from termination of said customer's water supply in accordance with the terms of this chapter, whether or not said termination was with or without notice.
(Ord. 86-25, passed 11-25-86; Am. Ord. 98-49, passed 9-22-98; Am. Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)