Any request for proposed audit pursuant to any locally administered tax shall comply with the notice requirements of this section.
   (A)   Each notice of audit shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The tax;
      (2)   The time period of the audit; and
      (3)   A brief description of the books and records to be made available for the auditor.
   (B)   Any audit shall be conducted during normal business hours and if the date and time selected by the local tax administrator is not agreeable to the taxpayer, another date and time may be requested by the taxpayer within 30 days after the originally designated audit and during normal business hours.
   (C)   The taxpayer may request an extension of time to have an audit conducted. The audit shall be conducted not more than 30 days from the date the notice is given, unless the taxpayer and the local tax administrator agreed to some other convenient time. In the event taxpayer is unable to comply with the audit on the date in question, the taxpayer may request another date within the 30 days, approved in writing, that is convenient to the taxpayer and the local tax administrator.
   (D)   Every taxpayer shall keep accurate books and records of the taxpayer's business or activities, including original source documents and books of entry denoting the transactions which had given rise or may have given rise to any tax liability, exemption or deduction. All books shall be kept in the English language and shall be subject to and available for inspection by the village.
   (E)   It is the duty and responsibility of every taxpayer to make available its books and records for inspection by the village. If the taxpayer or tax collector fails to provide the documents necessary for audit within the time provided, the local tax administrator may issue a tax determination and assessment based on the tax administrator's determination of the best estimate of the taxpayer's tax liability.
   (F)   If an audit determines there has been an overpayment of a locally imposed and administered tax as a result of the audit, written notice of the amount of overpayment shall be given to the taxpayer within 30 days of the village's determination of the amount of overpayment.
   (G)   In the event a tax payment was submitted to the incorrect local governmental entity, the local tax administrator shall notify the local governmental entity imposing such tax.
(Ord. 01-04, passed 1-23-01)