(A)   Mail.  Customers can make their bill payments by U.S. mail, using the return envelope provided with their bill. (If a preprinted return envelope is not available, mail the payment to: Village of Chatham, 116 E. Mulberry, Chatham, IL 62629.) Mail payments may be made using a check (checks will be processed using electronic check conversion) or money order.
   (B)   In-Person.  In-person payments can be made at the Village of Chatham drive-up window (on the east side of the Utility Office located at 116 E. Mulberry, Chatham, IL) or the walk-up cashier's window in the Utility Office's lobby on the north side of the building. Cash, checks (checks will be processed using electronic check conversion), money orders, most debit and credit cards are accepted.
   (C)   Online.  Bill payments also can be made online at (www.chathamil.net) using a credit card or debit card. Customers can also elect online to sign up for monthly recurring payments.
   (D)   Direct Debit.  The village offers bill payment by direct debit to the customer's checking or savings account. Any customer who provides written authorization and a voided blank check or savings account deposit form may have his or her monthly bill or level payment amount submitted by the Village of Chatham directly to his or her financial institution.
   (E)   24-hour Payment Drop-Off Box.  The village has a 24-hour payment drop-off box located in drive-through on the east side of the Utility office located at 116 E. Mulberry St., Chatham, IL 62629. When using the drop-off box, be sure to use the payment-return envelope provided with your bill and make your payment using only a check or money order. Do not use cash.
(Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)