(A)   Interruption without notice.
      (1)   If any village service has been tampered with, the service will be disconnected and removed without notice. Service will not be reinstalled or activated until all damages to village equipment, all consumption charges, including those for estimated lost consumption; a service deposit; and a reconnection charge(s) have all been paid in full.
      (2)   The village routinely reports tampering to the Village Police Department and reserves the right to prosecute for tampering under the Illinois Criminal Code 5/16-14, Unlawful Interference with Public Utility Services.
   (B)   Interruption with notice.
      (1)   The village may disconnect service with notice when a customer fails to do any of the following;
         (a)   Pay a past-due bill owed to the village for service furnished at the same or another location;
         (b)   Make payment in accordance with the terms of a Payment Arrangement;
         (c)   Redeem a returned check within seven village business days;
         (d)   Comply with relevant Village of Chatham Code of Ordinances and/or the conditions agreed to in the application for service;
         (e)   Repair a water leak(s) within a timely manner following notice from the village;
         (f)   Provide village representatives with access to the customer's meter(s); or
         (g)   Repair electric equipment hazards within a timely manner following notice from the village.
      (2)   The customer will be notified of an impending disconnection either by phone or by mail. The notification will include the date on which the disconnection amount is due to avoid interruption of service. Disconnection can occur up to 21 days after the notice is mailed.
(Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)