(A)   Village billing personnel shall at all reasonable times be available to receive and consider disputes of any customer, applicant, or user relative to an account for utility service.  The customer, applicant, or user shall be advised of the customer’s right to have a hearing conducted by a committee designated by the Board of Trustees, if such dispute cannot be resolved with village personnel.  The person making such dispute or claim must request review of the matter, in writing, directed to the Village Clerk.  The village shall not disconnect the service of any person for non-payment during the pendency of the dispute if:
      (1)   Written notice is given to the Village Clerk as herein provided; and
      (2)   Payment of all undisputed portions of the bill is made; and
      (3)   All charges made during the pendency of the dispute are paid as due; and
      (4)   The person making the complaint or dispute enters into a bona fide effort to resolve the disputed matter with all due dispatch.
   (B)   Notice of a dispute shall be made in writing and contain the name, address, and telephone number of the person making the complaint or disputing a charge; the address at which utility service is received which is the subject of the complaint or dispute; the specific grounds or reasons for which the charges billed are disputed; and the specific relief requested.
   (C)   Upon filing of the notice, the corporate authorities may hear and determine such dispute at their next ensuing meeting.  The corporate authorities shall give the complaining party no less than five days advance written notice of the date of such hearing.  The complaining party may, at such meeting or any adjournment thereof present additional information or evidence in support of the dispute, but no such information or evidence shall be received or considered beyond the scope of the grounds set forth in the written notice filed pursuant to division (B) above.  The corporate authorities decision with respect to the dispute shall be final.
(Ord. 80-33, passed 12-16-80; Am. Ord. 15-09, passed 3-10-15; Am. Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)