If services are not paid in full by the due date on each monthly bill, a five day grace period would be allowed before a penalty charge of 10% per month will be imposed on the bill. Customers may be allowed a one-time penalty waiver if there have been no late payments on the account. This one- time penalty waiver will only be allowed once in a 12 month period.
   (A)   If any charges for utility service or penalties remain unpaid for 30 days after the billing date, such charges shall be deemed delinquent and subject to a disconnect notice; service may be interrupted until all delinquent amounts are paid in full. If service is interrupted due to delinquency, the customer will be required to pay a reconnect charge of $50 before service will be restored. The reconnect charges may be adjusted periodically.
   (B)   Upon determination that any customer's service is to be disconnected due to a past due bill, the village shall send to the customer, owner, or any other person required by law to receive notice, at the address at which the service is provided, notice that the utility service shall be terminated no sooner than seven days after the mailing of that notice. When the user is a person other than the owner of the premises at which service is provided, a copy of the notice shall also be sent to the owner at his address shown on an application for service, or at the owner's last address then known to the village.
      (1)   The notice shall include:
         (a)   The dollar amount owed;
         (b)   The date that payment must be received by to avoid disconnection;
         (c)   The contact information for the Village of Chatham Utility Office;
         (d)   That upon disconnection, service will not be reconnected until all delinquent charges and reconnect charges are paid in full; and
         (e)   That prior to reconnection, the customer shall be required to pay a reconnect service charge.
   (C)   Unless the disconnection or termination is completed within 21 days of the date the notice was mailed, no disconnection or termination may be made without issuance of a new notice of termination in the manner provided in (B) above.
(Ord. 80-33, passed 12-16-80; Am. Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)