(A)   In most circumstances, charges for service will be rendered on or about the same day each month based on the service address. Monthly bills for service are due on the 15th of each month. In applying for electric or water service from the Village of Chatham, the customer agrees to pay for services as bills are rendered in accordance with the rates, rules and regulations in effect at the time of delivery. The customer remains responsible for these charges until the customer gives the utility notice of discontinuance and final charges on said account have been paid. Past due final charges may be transferred to any active residential or nonresidential account being maintained by or for the use of said customer.
   (B)   The village collects sewer charges. These charges are based on the amount of water the customer uses. Unless an affidavit stating otherwise has been filed with the village, the utility will assume each property receiving water service is connected to the village's sewer system and that the total amount of water consumed by the customer eventually enters the sewer system. The customer will be responsible for paying all applicable sewer and water service charges for the property. Customers with sprinkler systems can avoid paying sewer charges on water used by those systems if they pay for the installation of a separate meter for the sprinkler system.
   (C)   The village allows residents with swimming pools to check out a deduct meter from the utility office to record water usage related to filling their swimming pools. Meters must be returned during business hours within three days. If a meter is not returned at the end of the three day period then a $5.00 late fee per day will be added to the customer's bill until the meter is returned. An adjustment for sewer usage will be applied to the customer's account based on the metered water usage recorded on the deduct meters.
(Ord. 80-33, passed 12-16-80; Am. Ord. 16-15, passed 4-26-16)