(A)   As may be permitted by and under the rules, conditions and regulations adopted by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act, certified CEMA personnel may be deemed employees of the state for purposes of workers’ compensation when engaged in certain official CEMA activities as defined by the Act.
   (B)   The village’s CEMA members are not considered employees of the village and instead are volunteers. These volunteers are not provided worker’s compensation coverage by the village and are not entitled to compensation of any kind. Any volunteer claiming injury or property damage sustained while undertaking CEMA volunteer activities under the direction of and for the benefit of the village may be submitted to the village’s insurance carrier. The village shall have no liability for any claim of personal injury or property damage beyond what the village’s applicable insurance coverage for volunteers may provide, except that the village may pay a CEMA volunteer’s personal insurance deductible, up to $1,000, for repair of a personal vehicle damaged while participating in village directed CEMA activities. All village CEMA members shall be required to sign a waiver and acknowledgement of this limitation of liability.
(Ord. 14-35, passed 7-22-14; Am. Ord. 18-25, passed 5-22-18)