(A)   The following regulations shall govern the use of the parks.
      (1)   Each party using a park shall report any damage, accidents and or maintenance concerns to the Park Administrator immediately.
      (2)   Other than in designated parking areas and on roads, vehicles are not allowed in the parks without the specific and advance permission of the Park Administrator.
      (3)   Due to the scheduling or early setups for the other functions, all groups and organizations are requested to use only the area, field, or park that has been assigned to them.
      (4)   No park may be reserved or used for partisan political activities or electioneering, except that political candidates may hand out literature at festivals and events. Non-partisan public meetings and information forums are permitted.
      (5)   Groups using the village parks, fields, buildings or facilities are responsible for litter control and pick up. The park should be left in equal or better condition that it was found. Please dispose of all trash and recyclables in the proper containers. Damage or excessive litter may result in a loss of privileges and fees for cleanup.
      (6)   Individuals are responsible for repair or replacement of damage as a result of misuse of the park, equipment or park amenities. Groups and organization assume all responsibility for the repair or replacement of damage as a result of misuse of the park, equipment or park amenities by their members.
      (7)   Groups may not use the fields or parks when the weather conditions are dangerous or when the field conditions are not acceptable. All groups must adhere to the inclement weather practice for field conditions; (no standing water, saturated turf conditions, or times when safety is a concern).
      (8)   Groups shall adhere to all village ordinances, policies and procedures when using the facilities, parks and fields, as well as Sangamon County of Public Health regulations for food and beverage vendors.
      (9)   All village playground areas shall remain open for public access. Public pathways located within any village park shall remain open to the public at all times.
      (10)   All animals shall be on a leash or subject owner commands and control.
      (11)   Vendors are allowed in the parks only if they are:
         (a)   Licensed by the village pursuant to Chapter 110 of this Code; or
         (b)   Sponsored by an event that has been issued a permit by the Village Park and Recreation Department.
      (12)   Activities including sound amplification should not unreasonably interfere in any way with other park users or adjacent property owners. Amplification and special lighting are allowed only if a permit is issued at the time of the reservation request.
      (13)   When portable bathrooms are needed, the user must make arrangements to obtain and remove them from the park no later than 3:00 pm the day after the event.
      (14)   Unauthorized use of pyrotechnics and fireworks are not allowed on park property.
      (15)   Some parks and activities may be excluded from park reservations in the discretion of the village.
   (B)   Violation of these rules may result in revocation of park reservation privileges, in addition to any other action the village may have for fines.
(Ord. 13-49, passed 12-10-13)