(A)   The village shall prominently display at the Village Hall, make available for inspection and copying without charge, and shall send through the mail if requested, each of the following:
      (1)   A brief description of itself, which will include, but not be limited to a short summary of its purpose, a block diagram giving its functional subdivisions, the total amount of its operating budget, the number and location of all of its separate offices, the approximate number of full and part-time employees, and the identification and membership of any board, commission, committee, or council which operates in an advisory capacity relative to the operation of the village, or which exercises control over its policies or procedures, or to which the village is required to report and be answerable for its operations;
      (2)   A brief description of the methods whereby the public may request information and public records, a directory designating for the FOIA Officer or officers, the address where requests for public records should be directed, and any fees' allowable under § 36.46; and
   (B)   The village shall also post this information on its website, if one is maintained.
(Ord. 10-02, passed 1-12-10)