(A)   The following classification shall be established and hereafter designate positions of employment within the Electric Department, exclusive of clerical or office personnel primarily engaged in matters of billing and other administrative duties, in descending order of rate of pay, responsibility, and authority within the Department:
      (1)   Lineman.
      (2)   Electrician.
      (3)   Assistant Electrician.
   (B)   There shall be no requirement that all three classifications, or any particular classification or classifications, be filled at any given time.
   (C)   No employee shall have a proprietary interest in any job classification and there shall be no presumption of automatic progression from one classification to the next higher level. Rather, each person shall be employed in a classification according to his or her skill, experience, and the responsibility assigned to him or her by the Electric Department from time to time.
   (D)   The salary or rate of pay for each classification shall be fixed by the salary/pay provisions adopted as a part of the village appropriation ordinance.
(Ord. 85-14, passed 10-8-85)