At the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Officer shall make a determination on the basis of the evidence presented at the hearing as to whether or not a code violation exists. The determination shall be in writing and shall be designated as findings, decision, and order. The findings, decision, and order shall include (i) the hearing officer’s findings of fact; (ii) a decision of whether or not a code violation exists based upon the findings of fact; and (iii) an order that states the sanction or dismisses the case if a violation is not proved. A monetary sanction for a violation under this chapter shall not exceed $750 or the amount specified in the relevant section of this Code of Ordinances governing the offense, whichever is the lesser. A copy of the findings, decision, and order shall be served on the defendant within five days after it is issued. Service shall be in the same manner that the report form and summons are served under § 39.05. Payment of an penalty or fine and the disposition of fine money shall be by payment to the Village Clerk or to the village office, which is authorized to receive fine money on behalf of the Village Clerk.
(Ord. 08-40, passed 9-23-08)