(A)   An application for a SWM permit shall be submitted on the form provided by the agent, signed by the landowner or his/her duly authorized agent, and shall include a storm water management plan, prepared in accordance with §§ 155.055 through 155.057, along with the appropriate permit and review fees, prior to being considered by the agent as an administratively complete application. The agent may request additional storm water management plans or supporting documentation at his/her discretion during the permit review process.
   (B)   The application for a SWM permit shall be made, reviewed and approved prior to the start of any earth change including construction of access roads, driveways, grubbing or grading. Permit approval shall be given prior to the initiation of any work activity. Any unauthorized work shall be considered a violation of this chapter subject to enforcement actions under §§ 155.100 through 155.102 regardless of any later actions taken toward compliance. Soil test borings including those utilizing reasonable backhoe test excavation, vegetative cutting for land surveys, percolation tests and normal maintenance shall not be considered a start of work under these regulations.
(Ord. 810, passed 11-18-2019)