(A)   If necessary to assure compliance with the permit requirements, standards, and other provisions of this chapter or to protect public health, safety and/or welfare, the agent may issue a stop work order for the purpose of preventing uncontrolled storm water, or other conditions posing imminent and substantial danger to public health, safety, welfare or natural resources.
   (B)   The stop work order, when issued, shall require all specified storm water activities to be stopped. A copy of the stop work order shall immediately be submitted to other state and local agencies with regulatory jurisdiction. Said order shall describe the specific alleged violation and the steps deemed necessary to bring the project back into compliance.
   (C)   If the agent determines that storm water violations have or will reasonably occur from a parcel of land in violation of this chapter, it may seek to enforce the ordinance by notifying the person who owns the land by mail, with return receipt requested, of its determination. The notice shall contain a description of specific storm water measures which, if implemented by the property owner, would bring the property owner into compliance.
(Ord. 810, passed 11-18-2019)