(A)   Inoperable or unlicensed motor vehicles shall not be kept, parked or stored in any residential district, except within a completely enclosed building. The purpose of this provision is to prevent the accumulation of junk motor vehicles and, therefore, it shall not apply to any motor vehicle ordinarily used, but temporarily out of running condition. If the motor vehicle is being kept for actual use, but is temporarily unlicensed, the Zoning Administrator may grant the owner a reasonable time, not to exceed two months, to procure a license.
   (B)   Likewise, old, rusty and unsightly machinery, machines not suited for use upon the premises or quantities of used building materials not fit to be used to improve the premises shall not be kept or stored outside a building; provided, however, that, building materials fit to be used to improve the premises may be kept on-site for one year if they are piled off the ground so as not to become a harbor for vermin.
   (C)   Recreational equipment and vehicle storage. The standards of this section apply to all residential districts.
      (1)   All recreational equipment and vehicles that are stored outside of a structure shall be maintained in good condition, shall be operable and shall have a current license and/or registration.
      (2)   Recreational equipment and vehicles parked or stored outside shall not be connected to electricity, water, gas or sanitary facilities for living or lodging purposes other than allowed for in § 153.153(C)(8).
      (3)   The parking and/or storage of buses and converted buses in excess of 18 feet in length, and boats in excess of 30 feet in length, is prohibited.
      (4)   Outdoor storage of not more than two recreational equipment or vehicles shall be permitted on any parcel of property.
      (5)   Off-season storage of recreational equipment and vehicles shall be parked completely in an enclosed structure or within the side or rear yards, except that they may not be parked in required setbacks, and such recreational equipment and vehicles shall not be closer than five feet from any lot line, unless otherwise provided by this section.
      (6)   Such recreational equipment and vehicles shall be placed or parked on a lot with a principal building, structure or use unless it is a lot which is attached to an occupied lot under the same ownership.
      (7)   Seasonal parking of recreational equipment and vehicles may be within any front yard, or front or side setback provided that public streets and sidewalks are not blocked to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
      (8)   Recreational equipment and vehicles may be used for living or lodging purposes on a parcel with a principal building for no more than 14 days within any 60-day period.
(Prior Code, § 5.73) (Ord. 806, passed 9-3-2019)  Penalty, see § 153.999