The City Manager shall annually issue permits granting permission to public utilities to trim and keep trimmed all trees within the streets, alleys, parks and public places of the city, in such a manner as shall keep the overhead lines of such public utilities safe and accessible. Such trimming shall be done in accordance with approved practices and under the general direction of the Department. Said permit, as provided for in this section, shall require reasonable prior notice to the city before any work is commenced thereunder; provided, however, that, in the event of an emergency requiring immediate maintenance work on the overhead lines of said public utilities, prior notice of commencing work under said permit shall not be required. The word EMERGENCY, as used in this section, shall be defined to mean the occurrence or happening of an event which could not be foreseen by the exercise of reasonable care and foresight, which might cause damage to the overhead lines of the public utilities.
(Prior Code, § 4.102)