No person shall break, injure, mutilate, kill or destroy any tree or shrub, or set any fire, or permit any fire, or the heat thereof, to injure any portion of any tree. No harmful chemicals or other materials injurious to a tree shall be allowed to seep, drain or be emptied on, near or about any tree. No electric wires or any other lines or wires shall be permitted to come in contact with any tree or shrub in any manner that shall cause damage thereto, and no person shall attach any electric insulation to any tree. No person shall use any tree as an anchor, and no material shall be fastened to or hung on any tree. All persons having under their care, custody or control, facilities which may interfere with the trimming or removal of any tree, shall after notice thereof by the Department, promptly abate such interference in such manner as shall permit the trimming or removal of such tree by the Department.
(Prior Code, § 4.97) Penalty, see § 10.99