(A)   Except where contemplated herein, no person shall trim, prune, cut, spray or otherwise modify the trees of the City of Charlevoix.
   (B)   The Department may undertake such actions to maintain the trees of the city including pruning or cutting when a public way is obstructed or when a tree may cause damage to an adjacent structure, lawfully erected.
   (C)   The Department may undertake actions to maintain the public spaces, parks, and recreation areas of the city consistent with the direction of the City Council and the Shade Tree and Park Commission to maintain public access and enjoyment balanced with ecological conditions for the maintenance and preservation of the same.
   (D)   Property owners adjacent to a street, public space or park may request to the Shade Tree and Park Commission in writing for the maintenance of trees not discussed above. If the request is granted, the city shall be compensated for all costs associated with the request and receive payment, as the Shade Tree and Park Commission may determine, for the appropriate planting of additional trees at rate of at least two new trees for every one tree removed. New trees shall be planted on city property or a street and shall be at the discretion of the city. The Shade Tree and Park Commission shall render a decision on such requests within 45 days of receipt.
   (E)   Property owners who make a request under subsection (D) whose request is denied or partially denied by the Shade Tree and Park Commission or if the Shade Tree and Park Commission does not render its decision within the required 45 days, may appeal the decision to the Charlevoix City Council.
(Prior Code, § 4.92) (Ord. 809, passed 11-18-2019)