(A)   Sidewalk obstructions. No person shall occupy any street with any materials or machinery incidental to the construction, demolition or repair of any building adjacent to said street, or for any other purpose, without first obtaining a permit from the manager. No permit shall be granted until the applicant shall post a cash deposit and file a liability insurance policy as required by § 151.22 of this chapter.
(Prior Code, § 4.40)
   (B)   Pedestrian passage. At least six feet of sidewalk space shall be kept clean and clear for the free passage of pedestrians and if the building operations are such that such free passageway is impracticable, a temporary plank sidewalk with substantial railings or sidewalk shelter shall be provided around such obstruction.
(Prior Code, § 4.41)
   (C)   Safeguards. All openings, excavations and obstructions shall be properly and substantially barricaded and railed off and, at night, shall be provided with approved warning lights. Warning lights perpendicular to the flow of traffic shall not be more than three feet apart and parallel to the flow of traffic not over 15 feet apart.
(Prior Code, § 4.42)
   (D)   Shoring excavations. All openings and excavations shall be properly and substantially sheeted and braced as a safeguard to workers and to prevent cave-ins or washouts which would tend to injure the thoroughfare or subsurface structure of the street.
(Prior Code, § 4.43)
Penalty, see § 10.99