(A)   Where permits are required, they shall be obtained from the City Manager or his or her designee and shall contain the information necessary for consideration by the city in a manner as the Manager may require. Such permit(s) shall be revocable by the Manager for failure to comply with this code, rules and regulations adopted hereto, and the lawful orders of the Manager. The permit(s) shall only be valid for the period the Manager may designate. Application for a permit under this chapter shall be deemed an agreement by the applicant to promptly complete the work permitted, observe all pertinent regulations of the city in connection therewith, repair all damages done to the street surface, subsurface, and related structures, over or within such street, including trees, and protect and save harmless the city from all damages or actions at law that may arise or may be brought on account of injury to person or property resulting from the work done under the permit(s) or in connection therewith.
   (B)   Fees for such permits shall be set from time to time by resolution of Council. Council may vary the fees depending on the season and the times which are or are not preferable for the general benefit of the community to contend with construction in the public streets and rights of way. Such limitations shall not constrain public infrastructure projects which the city or the State of Michigan may from time to time undertake.
   (C)   Where liability insurance or bonds are required, the City Treasurer shall regularly obtain recommendations from the city's insurance carrier or other valid sources and share the same with City Council in order that it may adopt a resolution specifying minimum insurance coverages, standards, and bonds for work associated with the permits contemplated in this chapter. Similarly, Council may adopt the minimum for performance bonds and the City Manager or his or her designee may set the actual amount required in the bond subject to the minimum set by Council.
(Prior Code, § 4.22) (Ord. 515, passed 7-3-1989; Ord. 818, passed 6-1-2020) Penalty, see § 10.99