a.   Every proposed ordinance shall be introduced in writing. The enacting clause shall be “The City of Charlevoix ordains.........”.
   b.   Following the introduction of any ordinance, the City Clerk shall publish a summary of the proposed ordinance in a local newspaper of general circulation in the City, together with a notice setting out the time and place for a public hearing on the proposed ordinance.  The public hearing may not be held sooner than five (5) days after publication.  Copies of the ordinance shall be distributed without charge at the office of the City Clerk.
   c.   After the public hearing, the Council may consider enacting the proposed ordinance.  The enactment of an ordinance shall require the majority vote of the entire Council.
   d.   Except as otherwise provided by law or this Charter, a summary of each ordinance, including emergency ordinances, shall be published in full in a local newspaper and the full text of each ordinance shall be posted by the City in an electronic conveyance with paper copies available for review in the City Clerk's office. Such posting shall occur within 10 days following the adoption of the ordinance by the City Council.
ANNOTATION:  As amended by vote of electors November 3, 2020.
   e.    Except as otherwise provided by law or this Charter, every ordinance shall become effective on the thirtieth (30th) day after enactment, or at any later date specified therein.
   f.   An ordinance which repeals or amends any existing ordinance or part of the City Code shall identify, by title and number, the ordinance, sections, or subsections to be repealed or amended, and shall clearly indicate the matter to be omitted and the new matter to be added, except in codifying, re-codifying or continuing in code its municipal ordinances, in full or in part, as provided by statute.
   g.    Ordinances and codes may be enacted by reference to the extent and in the manner provided by general law.