After the City Manager has presented the report required in § 33.02 of this chapter for making any local public improvement as requested in the resolution of the Council, and the Council has reviewed said report, a resolution may be passed determining the necessity of the improvement; setting forth the nature thereof; prescribing what part or proportion of the cost of such improvement shall be paid by special assessment upon the property especially benefitted; determination of benefits received by affected properties and what part, if any, shall be paid by the city at large; designating the limits of the special assessment district to be affected; placing the complete information on file in the office of the Clerk where the same may be found for examination; and directing the Clerk to give notice of public hearing on the proposed improvement at which time and place opportunity will be given interested persons to be heard. Such notice shall be given by one publication in a newspaper published or circulated within the city and by first class mail addressed to each person having an interest in property to be assessed as shown by the last general tax assessment roll of the city, said publication and mailing to be made at least 14 full days prior to the date of said hearing. The hearing required by this section may be held at any regular, adjourned or special meeting of the Council.
(Prior Code, § 1.607)