(A)   The City Council, to ascertain whether or not a reasonable number of property owners to be assessed desire any particular local public improvement to be made, may request and receive a petition therefor, or may receive such a petition voluntarily presented; but, in either event, such petition shall be advisory only.
(Prior Code, § 1.601)
   (B)   Each advisory petition shall be addressed to the Council and contain a brief description of the improvement sought to be made and shall be signed only by property owners. Each signature shall be followed by a brief description of the property owned by the signatory. The signatures on such petitions shall be verified by the oath of one or more of the circulators of such petition before filing.
(Prior Code, § 1.602)
   (C)   Advisory petitions shall be filed with the Clerk who shall refer them to the City Manager. The petition shall be presented to the Council at its next regular meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose, together with the recommendation of the City Manager.
(Prior Code, § 1.603)