Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations
1155.01   Purpose.
1155.03   Parking facilities required.
1155.05   Expansion of existing parking lots.
1155.07   Units of measure.
1155.09   Off-street parking standards.
1155.13   Parking requirements for the C-2 Chardon Square Mixed Use District.
1155.15   Specific standards for C-1, Restricted Business and C-3, Traditional Classic Districts.
1155.17   Deferred construction of required spaces.
1155.19   Allowance for shared parking.
1155.21   Allowance for off-site parking.
1155.23   Parking spaces for persons with disabilities.
1155.25   Location of required parking spaces.
1155.27   Off-street waiting spaces for drive-thru facilities.
1155.29   Parking design standards.
1155.31   Off-street loading requirements.
1155.33   Pedestrian ways.
1155.35   Regulations for access drives.
1155.37   Construction, use, improvement and maintenance standards.
1155.39   Performance guarantees.
1155.41   Maintenance guarantee.
1155.43   Parking lot landscaping and screening.
1155.45   Nonconforming parking facilities.
1155.47   Zoning certificate and development plan required.