The planning and design of storm water management practices shall be in conformance with the Geauga Soil Sediment Pollution Control Regulations and accepted engineering practices and standards. Copies of such calculations as may be necessary for the design of storm water management practices shall be provided to the Municipality for review by, and shall be subject to the approval of, the Municipal Engineer with respect to the adequacy and accuracy of said calculations. The proposed methods of storm water management shall include such provision as are necessary to achieve the following:
       (a)       Control and contain storm water upon the subject property. The developer shall provide for directing, collecting and safely conveying storm water, or temporarily storing and releasing same, to the Municipal storm sewer system. Said conveyance and/or release shall be at an allowable rate that will minimize erosion and flooding.
       (b)   Prevent the diversion of storm water to, and prevent the collection of storm water upon,  any other property or portion thereof, as a result of earth moving activities upon the subject property.
      (Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)