Address numbers shall be legible, affixed in a conspicuous place on the side of the building visible from the street and shall comply with the following regulations:
   (a)   The address numbers shall be clearly visible from the street when approaching from either direction.
   (b)   The address numbers shall be numeric in form and not in script.
   (c)   The address numbers shall be no less than three inches nor more than six inches high and shall meet the following minimum size requirements as determined by the distance of the building from the curb or edge of the berm of the street:
         Three inches if 50 feet or less from the curb or berm
         Four inches if 50 feet - 100 feet from the curb or berm
         Five inches if 100 feet - 150 feet from the curb or berm
         Six inches if more than 150 feet from the curb or berm
   (d)   The address numbers shall be a color which contrasts with the color of the building upon which affixed or shall be reflective.
   (e)   The address numbers shall be posted above the snow line and at least two feet above the threshold and, on residential buildings, by or near the door.
   (f)   The address numbers shall be made of metal, porcelain, plastic or other durable material and shall be maintained at all times upon the building. All broken or defaced numbers shall be promptly replaced, repaired or restored to proper condition so that they are clearly visible from the street.
   (g)   If a building is located more than 50 feet from the curb or berm of the street, or if the building is not plainly visible from the street, the address number may be conspicuously displayed at or near the sidewalk, driveway or common entrance to such building immediately adjacent to the main access to the street on a gatepost, fence, tree, post or other appropriate place which is clearly visible from the street and which, except for its location, complies with all of the requirements of this section.
   (h)   In addition to the foregoing regulations, where more than one building shares the same street address, or where a building is separately occupied and each unit has separate access to the exterior, each building or unit must display the address and include the individual unit or building designation. The address number for the unit or building within a group must be affixed so that it is clearly visible from the driveway and parking area and on the side which faces the primary entrance.
      (Ord. 1663. Passed 3-14-96.)