1327.06  LIABILITY.
   (a)   The issuance of any grading permit and the compliance with such approved plans under which such permit was issued does not relieve any person to whom the permit was issued or any person doing work in connection with such permit from any liability arising from damage to another person's property, from sedimentation, erosion, flooding or any other damage caused by the execution or completion of such work. Any soil removal, excavation or grading commencing after the receipt of a site development permit shall be completed within six months from the date of the issuance of the site development permit, unless an extension of time for the completion has been requested in writing, and approved in writing by the City Manager.
   (b)   Any soil removal, excavation or grading which is once commenced and is unable to be completed for reasons beyond the control of the property owner and/or his agent, shall be seeded with grass or other ground cover, approved by the City Manager, to prevent the erosion of the soil.
(Ord. 1021. Passed 12-28-85.)