The Law Director shall be the legal adviser, attorney and counsel for the Municipality, and for all offices, departments, divisions, bureaus, boards, commissions and bodies of the Municipality in connection with municipal affairs; and subject to the direction of the Council, shall represent the Municipality in all proceedings in court or before any administrative board or body.  He/she shall perform such other duties consistent with his/her office, as may be required by this Charter, by ordinance or resolution of the Council, or by the laws of the State of Ohio.
   The Law Director shall be the prosecuting attorney on behalf of the Municipality and shall prosecute cases brought before courts of competent jurisdiction.  He/she shall be responsible for the preparation of all contracts and other writings in which the Municipality is concerned and shall endorse on each his/her approval as to the form thereof.  Upon the authorization of the Council, he/she shall defend all actions against officials and employees of the Municipality in either official or individual capacities. When requested by a member of Council, including the Manager, the chairperson of any board or commission, or the head of any department or division, he/she shall give his/her written opinion on the questions or request made, or his/her advice on any matter contained in such request.
   The Council may provide for such assistants and special counsel to the Law Director as shall be deemed advisable. All assistants shall be responsible to the Law Director, and when authorized by him/her, may exercise all or any part of the powers and duties granted to the Law Director under this section. Special counsel may be selected by the Council or the Law Director, as determined by the Council; and such special counsel may perform those powers and functions as authorized by and in the manner provided by the Council.