(a)   In major subdivisions and PUD's the developer shall make such provisions for the future connection of private storm sewers from building sites and properties, contained within the subject development, so as to prevent the need to cut, or bore under, the street pavement in order to make said future connections.  The developer shall further make such provisions for the connection of future storm sewers from adjacent undeveloped lands as may reasonably be required by the Approving Authority in accordance with accepted engineering practice, design and standards. Said provisions shall be as herein after required, or such other provisions achieving the same intent and effect as may be approved by the Municipal Approving Authority.
      (1)   In Planned Unit Developments and Major Subdivisions, which include commercial and/or industrial building sites, the developer shall provide and install stubbed service laterals for each multifamily1 commercial and industrial building site when the future installation thereof will require cutting, or boring under, the street pavement. Stubbed laterals to serve one and two family lots or building sites are not required except when, in the opinion of the Municipal Engineer, the particular circumstances of a lot or building site necessitate a storm sewer inlet thereon. The connection shall be made and the service lateral installed to the right of way line of the proposed street (or a minimum of fifteen (15) feet beyond the edge of pavement adjacent to the building site to be served). The terminus of the lateral shall be capped and its location marked with a wood pole or other device approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. When storm sewers are not provided in, or adjacent to, the street, the lateral, if required to satisfy the noted condition, shall be installed to a point approved by the Approving Authority.
      (2)   When, in the opinion of the Municipal Approving Authority and the Municipal Engineer, the topography on adjacent undeveloped land is such that future storm sewers thereon are best drained by connection to the sewers on the subject property, then the developer of the current project shall make such provisions as are required by the Approving Authority for the connection of future storm sewers from adjacent undeveloped lands. Said developer shall grant a right of way or easement, conforming to these regulations, for said future connection. The right of way or easement shall begin at an existing or proposed storm sewer manhole located within the subject project boundaries, and outside of any street pavement, and shall continue to the property line of said adjacent land. Said right of way, or easement, shall be subject to the approval of the Approving Authority in all respects including but not limited to; location, route, point of connection within the subject development storm sewer, and point of intersection with the adjacent property line.
         (Ord. 1327.  Passed 5-9-91.)