(a)   Connection to Existing Storm Sewer.  When storm sewer improvements are required, or proposed, for a subject development project and a portion of Municipal storm sewer exists upon the subject property, or an adjacent property, the developer of the current project shall install such enclosed storm sewer extension as is necessary to connect with the existing Municipal storm sewer system.
   (b)   Connection To New Storm Sewer Main. During the construction of any new Municipal storm sewer the proper connection thereto of any existing private storm sewer system or facility within one thousand (1000) feet of the new sewer main shall be required unless otherwise approved by Council.
      (1)   Said private storm sewer system or facility shall be repaired and/or restored as is necessary, in the opinion of the Municipal Engineer, to conform with minimum acceptable engineering standards prior to its connection to the Municipal system. Said repair and/or restoration shall `be at the property owner's expense.
      (2)   That portion of the private storm sewer system or facility beginning at, and including, its connection with the Municipal sewer system and continuing upstream to, and including, the first storm water inlet of the private system or facility shall be installed, or upgraded as may be necessary in the opinion of the Municipal Engineer, so as to conform with the then current Municipal Specifications for Storm Sewers. Said installation and/or upgrade shall be at the property owner's expense.
   (c)   Roof Drainage Connection to Storm Sewer.  Upon any property, premises, building site, or within any subdivision or planned unit development, where storm water management facilities have been constructed pursuant to the requirements of Codified Ordinance Chapter 1153 , all building roof drainage down spouts and/or roof drains shall be connected to the storm water management facilities.  The point of said connection and method of connection shall be subject to the approval of the Municipal Engineer.
(Ord. 1327. Passed 5-9-91; Ord. 1926. Passed 7-8-99.)