171.01   General
   171.02   Official zoning district maps
   171.03   Replacement of official zoning district maps
   171.04   Annexed areas
   171.05   Water areas
   171.06   Districting of vacated ways and railroad right-of-way
   171.07   Boundaries of districts
   171.08   Table of Standards for Principal Buildings on Individual Lots
   171.09   Special exemptions
   171.10   One-Family Dwelling (R-1, R-1A, R-1B, R-1C, and R-1D) Districts
   171.11   Manufactured housing used as a 1-family dwelling in R-1, R-1A, R-1B, R-1C, and R-1D Districts
   171.12   Multiple-Family (R-2) Districts
   171.13   Single Apartment Building (R-3) District
   171.14   Apartment Building Complex (R-4) District
   171.15   Residential Office (R-O) District
   171.16   Residential Mobile Home Park (R-MH1) District
   171.17   Residential Mobile Home Subdivision (R-MH2) District
   171.18   Neighborhood Commercial (C-1) District
   171.19   Planned Shopping Center (C-2) District
   171.20   Highway Commercial (C-3) District
   171.21   General Commercial (C-4) District
   171.22   Light Industrial (M-1) District
   171.23   General Industrial (M-2) District
   171.24   Solid Waste Disposal Facility and Salvage Yards (M-3) District